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I’ve used this since the beginning of November and it’s fully replaced Retailmenot when searching for coupons (for now at least). It provides Coupons and cash back that changes amounts daily. Every 3 months they cut you a check or Paypal and I’ve already got my first check.

It seems like a no brainer, coupons and cash back, doing what you’re probably doing anyway, shopping online. So you might as well signup and try it. Hopefully it saves you some money and you get a little more back.

ps. Though a little intrusive (and I’ll probably uninstall it after the holidays) but there is a bookmarklet for Chrome where you don’t even need to visit 1st. You just go to your regular sites and they will automatically let you know about coupons and cash back availability.

Amazon Prime Free Trial


So I was thinking this morning Amazon Prime offers a 30 day free trial. It’s November 25th so if you start it today you can have wonderful FREE 2 day shipping and access to Prime Instant Video during the holiday shopping time (gifts, groceries, anything). It’s easy to cancel, so you might as well use it!

I’ve had it for years and never looked back because of the FREE 2 day shipping alone and the $79 dollar price tag. Add in the movies as well and it pays for itself.

Amazon Prime trial, start it now.

Airmail Mac Email Client


Airmail (Mac App) - The Mac mail client I have been searching for. Use Gmail or Google Apps? This is for you. “Email the way you want it to be” is their tagline. Simple, fast, full Gmail feature access, offline access, quick replies, Dropbox integration, you name it, it does it. You can also use it with a laundry list of other email services, IMAP, etc. (But it really shines with Gmail)

For $1.99 you can’t beat it. Grab it now in the Mac App Store.

Visit their website for more info. 

ps. Yes, they really took over where Sparrow left off. And I’ve never seen such a quick development process, lots of updates, really great stuff from this company.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion


This is the kind of 2 birds one stone (or maybe 3) product that I like. Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion not only moisturizes your face but it also smells amazing. Touting itself for use after shaving, it can also be used as a unisex daily facial moisturizer.

I’ve used it for the past month (and besides the hefty $49 price tag) it’s been a great product and seems like it will last. The cream is light and soaks in instantly. I’ve also noticed since the weather is getting colder sometimes you need to re-apply after first go, which is fairly normal.

With it’s calming sandalwood oil, witch hazel water and ginger root extract, This works great on irritated and sensitive skin. (and smells so good).

If you live near an Aesop store go grab some samples of it. I’ll also be giving my 2cents about their Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser and other products in the upcoming weeks. Grab that too.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion (Amazon)