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Next Level Instagram

Instagram is something that has really become a part of my everyday life. Since it was intended first for the phone only, a small piece of me doesn’t want to use it on my computer at all. But with that being said there are times when you might want to grab a photo via the web to save it and other tasks that are just easier (and only possible) if you have a web browser.

Below are some sites/programs I use for getting those things done.

Gramfeed: View photos, search tags, view by location and more. A nice big clean interface. (thanks Jessica)

Statigram: View photos, save photos, follow new people, see statistics on your phones, and other in depth info, more than you could ever image. Easy link to share on social services to easily allow people to follow you.

Carousel: (Mac App) : View Instagram photos in this very iOS view like it’s on your phone on your Mac.

Instaport: Download all of your Instagram photos or specify only certain ones so you can keep a backup on your computer or upload them all to an album on Facebook, etc.

Virb: Build your own photo website by connecting Instagram to Virb. Learn more over at the Virb blog and signup here using promo code “rubinrecpromo” for 50% off your first 2 months and a 10 day free trial. (disclaimer: I work at Virb and it’s the best ever.)

Also read these Instagram basics. A lot of people don’t realize they can delete the image title/first comment on their photo to fix a typo and re-do it, block unwanted users, etc.