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Prismatic News Feed

Prismatic - Web/iOS app

The weight and the burden I feel when I see my RSS newsreader (recommended reader: Reeder) with a number like “675” these days is getting overwhelming. 20 tech blogs saying the same thing (which I read every version of) and after reading all of those skipping the other 70 blogs I’m subscribed to. Now you’d say “just subscribe to the ones you want or one of each.” (how dare you) But it’s not always that easy. So here’s where Prismatic steps in.

Download Prismatic on your phone or signup online, connect to a social network of your choice and pick interests. You now have a curated news feed of everything you (and your social connections) will (or should) like. Add some friends on Prismatic (or get more to join) and you’ve got even more new stories of things that people you like like and so on. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s become a really nice “at a glance” morning routine. Once you get started I suggest you try it a few days/weeks, add more interests, remove interests and sites to make it even better. It learns as you go and as you interact and like more stories.