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I’ve been using this AeroPress one cup system for over a year and half now and thanks to this step by step Stumptown tutorial I’m now getting the best cup of coffee out of it that I can. It’s a very inexpensive device that doesn’t take a lot of work to clean and maintain. It comes with a year supply (or more if you reuse them) of filters. Check it out if you’re looking for a simple one cup coffee solution.

Stumptown: How to prepare the perfect AeroPress at home

Things you’ll need/might want:
Aeropress ($25)
Kyocera Hand Burr GrinderMr Coffee Electric Burr Grinder (I have this and it does the trick), Bodum Burr Grinder.
Bodum Mini Electric Water Kettle and maybe a scale but I think you could skip this and just do a level scoop for the Aeropress.