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Two Apps For Sending Cash to Each Other


Below are two services that make it easy to send money quickly to each other. Request or send money to roommates, co-workers and friends; like that friend who never, ever has cash, ever.

Square Cash (Free Email/iOS/Android) - The free, fastest and easiest way to send anyone money from your phone. All you need is their email address and your debit card. (From the creators of Square.)

All you need to do to get started is either send an email (explained in the image above in three steps) to whomever you want to pay, download the Square Cash app or go to their website (via the website they’ll even give you $1 to get things started so you can fully see the process). It’s as easy as getting an email, then clicking a link to enter your debit card. You are now setup. Next download the app if you’d like.

Now you can open the app or just email someone, type in the amount you want to send or request (from one person or a group), type in their email address when your email opens and click send. You’ve now sent or requested money.

The best part about Square Cash over others is actually getting people to use it. Since you don’t need an app, an existing account, or a link to your bank account using an account number / routing number, you can request the money from any friend as long as they have their “smartphone” and debit card with them (or they can do it at home later). Another benefit over other services is that you don’t need to “withdraw” a balance. It automatically shows up in your bank account in 1-2 business days (which is faster than Paypal or some others.)

So in those vague “I’ll pay you back” moments, or any time you want to collect money from friends and they don’t use Paypal, Chase Quickpay, Venmo, this is the easiest thing to have them use.

(For those worried about security or “can’t someone just spoof my email address, this and that, whatever,” read their FAQ on their security measures. also thanks to Mark for opening my eyes to using this on #spiritquest2015.)


Venmo - (Free iOS, Android, Web) Before Square Cash this was my favorite to recommend and it’s still a great way to make payments to friends using the App. This is more for people that will pay or request more often between a group of friends using the app. Examples of paying your roommate rent, co-workers going to lunch, splitting the bill between multiple people, etc.

To get started with Venmo you can signup on the web or download the app. You’ll need your bank account and routing number to receive money and send money. You can use a credit card but there is a small fee to send payments that way.

Once you’re all setup you can search for friends using the app via Facebook contacts or your address book. Venmo is a social payment app so when you send a payment you can add a comment (usually we just put silly stuff, but it is useful when sending so the receiver knows what they’re getting paid back for and it’s a nice way to keep track of it all.) And that’s that. Once you receive money you can withdraw it whenever you wish. It’s fast (usually within 24 hours) and similar to Paypal (who also recently bought Venmo).

- Square Cash is great to pay someone back quickly with just their email address if they don’t have Venmo already. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go through a complicated setup (adding bank accounts etc), bother with withdrawing balances, downloading an app etc. FREE.

- Venmo is great for setting up reoccurring payments to co-workers and roommates, splitting bills between multiple people etc. A little more work but fast and easy once it’s setup. FREE (credit card payments have a small fee.)

As always if you have any questions just send me a quick note on Twitter @mattrubin.

How I Back Up My Computer and iPhone


Friends, this is just a simple reminder, Backup All of Your Stuff. This isn’t geared towards any specific person, just in general. It’s cheap and/or free.

Below is my setup as of now. I’m constantly refining it and finding new options, but for now at least use one or all of these.

Computer Backup:
Time Machine - Mac Only (Use any external, they’re cheap)
Backblaze (for offline automated backups similar to Time Machine. Also check out Crashplan)
WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 4TB External HD (RAID 1 Mirrored, for all media)
G Drive External 1TB (For Additional Photo backup)
Dropbox - For files I want accessible everywhere. (Not a full backup but can be. Runner up: Google Drive.)

iCloud Syncing - Please make sure this is turned on. Address book is turned on (people still post on Facebook, even if they have an iPhone, after it’s lost or stolen, to request phone numbers) And for the love of all that is holy, make sure FIND MY PHONE is turned on as well.
iCloud Backup (More into this these days vs using iTunes. For friends who don’t ever backup, it’s a very affordable $20-$40 a year -  set it and forget it option. Highly suggested for those who care about their Camera roll and other iPhone settings staying. Also removes the need for iTunes)
iPhoto Import (For my precious mobile photos)
Picturelife - for additional Camera Roll backup/syncing that is Cloud based. (Sync over Wifi or Cellular. Also check out Loom, Dropbox, Flickr)
Rdio - For all my music in “The Cloud”.
Google Music - since I am free from iTunes syncing for now and I use Rdio, the free version of Google Play Music is a good way to keep anything that isn’t available via Rdio (all of Dragcity ahem) always available via your phone using the Google Play Music App. (Free)

In closing, just do one or all of these. Thank you in advance. If you have any questions feel free to Tweet @mattrubin.

I’ve used this since the beginning of November and it’s fully replaced Retailmenot when searching for coupons (for now at least). It provides Coupons and cash back that changes amounts daily. Every 3 months they cut you a check or Paypal and I’ve already got my first check.

It seems like a no brainer, coupons and cash back, doing what you’re probably doing anyway, shopping online. So you might as well signup and try it. Hopefully it saves you some money and you get a little more back.

ps. Though a little intrusive (and I’ll probably uninstall it after the holidays) but there is a bookmarklet for Chrome where you don’t even need to visit 1st. You just go to your regular sites and they will automatically let you know about coupons and cash back availability.

Amazon Prime Free Trial


So I was thinking this morning Amazon Prime offers a 30 day free trial. It’s November 25th so if you start it today you can have wonderful FREE 2 day shipping and access to Prime Instant Video during the holiday shopping time (gifts, groceries, anything). It’s easy to cancel, so you might as well use it!

I’ve had it for years and never looked back because of the FREE 2 day shipping alone and the $79 dollar price tag. Add in the movies as well and it pays for itself.

Amazon Prime trial, start it now.

Airmail Mac Email Client


Airmail (Mac App) - The Mac mail client I have been searching for. Use Gmail or Google Apps? This is for you. “Email the way you want it to be” is their tagline. Simple, fast, full Gmail feature access, offline access, quick replies, Dropbox integration, you name it, it does it. You can also use it with a laundry list of other email services, IMAP, etc. (But it really shines with Gmail)

For $1.99 you can’t beat it. Grab it now in the Mac App Store.

Visit their website for more info. 

ps. Yes, they really took over where Sparrow left off. And I’ve never seen such a quick development process, lots of updates, really great stuff from this company.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion


This is the kind of 2 birds one stone (or maybe 3) product that I like. Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion not only moisturizes your face but it also smells amazing. Touting itself for use after shaving, it can also be used as a unisex daily facial moisturizer.

I’ve used it for the past month (and besides the hefty $49 price tag) it’s been a great product and seems like it will last. The cream is light and soaks in instantly. I’ve also noticed since the weather is getting colder sometimes you need to re-apply after first go, which is fairly normal.

With it’s calming sandalwood oil, witch hazel water and ginger root extract, This works great on irritated and sensitive skin. (and smells so good).

If you live near an Aesop store go grab some samples of it. I’ll also be giving my 2cents about their Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser and other products in the upcoming weeks. Grab that too.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion (Amazon)

Everlane Men’s Crew T-shirts


I’ve been on the search for the perfect or even acceptable T-shirt for awhile. I’ve tried them all, in all colors, in all sizes and price.

What I wanted was a simple crew, heather or colored, that wasn’t too tight but fitted and didn’t flow around in the back and around the waist (I hate it so much). The Everlane Men’s Crew and their other colors seem to be just what I wanted (and are only $15-$18). I suggest you try them if you too don’t like baggy shirts that are un-even. Some people like that style, I can’t do it personally. They have an easy return policy so it’s worth trying it out.

I wear their size Small. I’m 5’11”

Everlane - $15

AquaNotes - So I Don’t Forget



Where is the one place I go with no distractions? The shower. I love showering. I do most my thinking in the shower. What happens when I think of all this good stuff in the shower? I forget it as soon as I step out and get distracted again.

Cue AquaNotes, the waterproof notepad. I know it’s dorky, I know it’s weird but this waterproof notepad has saved me many times and keeps me sane. You could say that you should just zone out in the shower and not think of things, relax, but it’s inevetible that I will think of something. A to-do, a good idea, anything, stuff I gotta remember not to forget.

Grab some AquaNotes $8 (Amazon link)